Business Lines
As a partner that adds value to our client’s business, we operate across multiple business lines.

License & Supply of Finished Dosages
Evertogen has long term contracts for the supply of finished dosages developed/ in-licensed by the company, with reputed marketing companies in EU, US, Canada, South Africa & several other markets. The business model of such contracts can be on exclusive/non-exclusive basis for specific markets. Evertogen engages with customers by either charging licensing fees or through profit sharing.
Contract Manufacturing
Besides the development, manufacturing and marketing of its own products, Evertogen has contract manufacturing arrangements with reputed companies in US, EU and other geographies. The company has already entered into, and is willing to enter into, long-term contracts with customers for guaranteed capacities under this arrangement. Under this model, marketers can add Evertogen as an additional manufacturing site in their marketing authorization approval with site variation approval.
Contract Development
Evertogen engages in developing specific molecules, from end to end, exclusively for its customers and helps them with filing in several markets.
Technology Transfer
Evertogen takes up tech transfer activities by helping in transfer of the technology developed by its customers to its facility. It also helps them in filing the dossiers from its facility and commercially supplying the products, post approval.