Analytical Labs

The Analytical Division at Evertogen is by far the best-equipped laboratory in the country, capable of performing most Pharmacopoeia tests. A robust quality management system drives the entire work process and operates through LIMS package, which tracks the laboratory’s work flow and data flow including specifications, raw data, test reports & quality system formats. It provides role-based controlled access to all users from its central server with a single source of data storage.

Key Strengths
  • Method development and validations for various techniques like chromatography, particle size, X-ray diffraction, etc.
  • Validations for related substance, assay, residual solvents, dissolution profile, trace metals, particle size distribution, microbiological tests and bacterial endotoxins
  • HPLC systems with UV and RI detectors, and, PDA detectors
  • Microbial limit tests and sterility test
  • Preservative efficacy testing and antibiotic and vitamin assays
  • Airborne particle count and microbial validation of environment