Who We Are

In today’s world, demand is rising rapidly. Healthcare needs are no exception, and are touching new heights every day. Pharmaceutical companies – pillars of the healthcare system – face multiple challenges of adhering to the imposed regulations, providing affordable generics to patients and maintaining a diverse portfolio with the constant pressure of the patent’s expiry. At Evertogen, we are cognizant of these complexities and partner with clients in the face of stiff challenges to help them achieve their objectives.

Taking complete ownership, we develop, manufacture and market finished dosages for companies around the world. With well-planned and equipped processes & systems in place, we cater to the requirements of our clients in a timely and cost-effective manner, bringing greater predictability to their business.

Evertogen’s journey began with a single client in July 2013; today we are proud partners of nearly twenty clients spread across the globe (Europe, USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Ukraine & others). Our growth stems from our dynamism and the promise of quality, accuracy, transparency & speed, with which we relentlessly deliver to all our clients. With a flat organization structure in place, each of our 230 employees has the freedom to communicate and function in a fair & collaborative environment.

Our consistent focus on meeting global regulatory standards has enabled us to successfully attain regulatory approvals from the Ukrainian Health Authority, MHRA, EU MA, Australia TGA and Health Canada. Our presence in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) enables us to offer competitive prices to our customers.

With a clear vision of rendering unmatched services to our customers and without any conflict of interests in the global market, we have earned ourselves a reputation for quality and transparency in a short period of time.

Looking ahead, apart from oral solid dosage formulation, we are establishing a hormonal facility, venturing into liquid dosage formulation, and building our capabilities around the OTC segment.
July 2013
(US, EU, Canada,
Australia & Others)
Business Lines
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • License & Supply of Finished Dosages
  • Contract Development
  • Technology Transfer